Planet Kids

Planet Kids Supervised Visitation & Exchange Center offers a safe, child-friendly environment where court-ordered and voluntary visits between children and their non-residential parents can occur.

The courts believe that children need to have contact with both parents, even when there's been violence. Before Planet Kids, parents exchanged children in public or other unsafe locations, causing great stress to the non-violent parent, not to mention the children who can be caught in the middle. Since Planet Kids began serving clients, law enforcement has reported a dramatic decrease in the number of domestic disputes resulting from parents exchanging children.

Situations Where Planet Kids Can Help:

  • Court ordered visitation/exchange
  • History of domestic violence
  • History of mental health concerns
  • Abduction concerns
  • Lengthy separation of child and parent
  • Other child safety concerns
  • History of substance abuse
  • No contact between parents is desired by one parent or both

What to Expect at Planet Kids:

  • On-site monitoring
  • Exchange monitoring
  • Referrals

To Use Planet Kids:

  • Each parent needs to contact the center at 406.542.3346 to set an appointment to complete the registration process.
  • After both parents register, Planet Kids determines whether or not we can provide services to the family safely.
  • The Program Manager contacts each parent to set up a visitation schedule.
  • Planet Kids is closed Tuesdays and Saturdays. To set up a registration or learn more, call 542.3346 or email